Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zara Ruffles and Studs

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Silk, wood, metal, wool, leather, plastic... this season is all about textures-textures-textures!

This is my new Zara outfit:
Trafaluc Jacket $69.90
Zara Woman Dress $95.90

The belt is from Banana Republic, and accessories from all over the place, don't ask because I won't be able to remember :) The boots are vintage.

Your destination: Zara on Bloor or Eaton Centre

Do you shop at Zara? What is your personal favourite Zara piece?


  1. Thanks, let me know when you're ready to exchange links. :)


  2. Me too! Like your blouse & boots =)


  3. Lovely outfit - I'm a huuuge fan of Zara, and your jacket reminded me of a blazer I reallly wanted and furthmore needed from there which had stud-covered lapels... so gorgeous.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  4. love the boots and the jacket.


  5. i love everything about this outfit - the ruffles, the colours, the materials! j'adore!

  6. Gorgeous boots. They look so comfy and cozy.

    Enter to win a pair of ugg boots.

  7. love your look! the cropped jacket is adorable.
    your blog is amazing. following you!


  8. Yes, let's do it hon!

    "fashionably tasteful. have a bite"

  9. I soooo love this ensemble!

    Yes, of course, who doesn't shop in Zara!? I still remember a fave white, ruffly blouse from there which reminded me of the "Artist Formerly Known as Prince" during his very purple days. (Seriously, he doesn't have a name?) Sadly, the girl who irons my clothes was unaware that silk cannot take very high temperatures. I was furious that day. But what does one do when the perpetrator does not know any better? I'm still waiting for Zara to repeat that style. It was one of my closet's "La Pièce de Résistance."

    Thank you for linking me here!



  10. You're welcome, thanks for sharing your story!

  11. You are speaking my language lady. I love studs and I LOVE ruffles! My friends hate both but there's something just so perfect about them for me. I think because I don't really wear too many accessories so I like to use embellishments.

  12. I just LOVE Zara! Great designs at great prices! When I am purchasing clothes at retail I prefer Zara, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe! Wish there was a H&M or Target here in Puerto Rico!

  13. heyy,

    Aw no i definitely didnt forget! I signed off before I got your second msg where you told me you linked me and I haven't signed on all day until now. : ) I just linked you!

    ps. cute outfit ! I find that zara is so hard to dig through sometimes, as much as I love their stuff.

  14. Really great outfit! I love all the different materials make it so exciting. And I think Zara is heaven!

    juliet xxx

  15. Love your style and boots. Where did you get your boots?

  16. Vintage :) They were purchased in Italy 12yrs ago!


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