Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My eBay Accessories and More

Shopsterium Accessorium - "You must always accessorize" :)

Today I've decided to share with you some of my favourite accessories. I wear these pieces on daily basis to complete my outfits.

Make sure to check out the prices, most of these are under $20!

Layering pearl necklace from Winners $50

Layering gold necklace with leaf and disk pendants from eBay power seller hothollywoodstyle for $12.50 with shipping.
This is a great seller, I bought several pieces from him. You can also create your own combination of pendants and specify the length of the chain.

My signature piece :)
I bought this Aldo necklace several years ago, I believe it was $25.

I wear these at least once a week, definitely my all-time favourite Swarovski pendant!
Necklace $105, earrings $85.

My holiday-party ring.
I bought this handmade garnet tuxedo ring from the Sundance Catalog. $95 with shipping.

Winners, where else? :)
White gold hoops $199.
Sterling silver earrings $20. Everyone seems to like these, I always get complimented on them.

I found this multi-pendant necklace at Claire's for $19.
Leaf earrings are from Winners, also $19.

Another eBay purchase, this time from a seller called fungstore.
This pendant is on sale right now for $10 with shipping!

I bought this Juicy Couture necklace from the same eBay seller as above for $12. What a steal!

Have you ever bought accessories online, how was your experience?


  1. cute accessories! I too bought that aldo heart necklace once upon a time. Lost it though. typical! haha

    xo Niki

  2. I'm actually going to check out the ebay seller you mentioned, thanks for the referral!


  3. Wow i have that same heart necklace, i love it still now!

    Please come check out mine and follow if you like :)

  4. aw thanks for the birthday wishes. you are so sweet. I have that exact aldos necklace in gold and of course a set of pearls myself - such a staple in life. You are right though, $12 for juicy really is a steal !


  5. I've bought jewels on lina Galibardy is my absolute favorite! These are all so beautiful!

    juliet xxx

  6. Precious things are those close to one's heart. Thanks for sharing!


  7. LOVE the second necklase ! :D
    great post and blog

    and thanks for visiting my site, means the world to me

  8. the juicy and the aldo are so adorable!

  9. great deals.

  10. hey,
    you're so right.. you should always be accessorized.
    Like your blog!


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