Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holt Renfrew Pop-up and Items Under $100

Vroooooom! The Holt Renfew truck has arrived at 560 King St West and it's full of goodies under $100! I was just there this morning and I can't wait to share the rest of my story with you.

Is it a gallery, is it a store? - people are wondering as they walk by Holt's pop-up shop. Certainly looks inviting, so come on in!

As I was walking around admiring the store and lusting over some designer handbags, I was pleased to see that Holt's pop-up shop is also offering many affordable items.

Holt's own Barbara Atkin (VP, Fashion Direction) and Jackie Charest (Director, Cosmetics & Beauty Services Marketing) were happy to guide me through the shop and help me search for this season's must-haves under $200. Dear readers, it's your lucky day!

Barbara's helping Jackie put on a black sequin hat. It is reversible and also comes in silver. Keep fashionably warm this winter for only $75.

These are some of Jackie's favourites.

At the top we have the Butter London 3Free nailpolish collection and this season's must-have colours. At $17 each, these are worth every penny as they have no formaldehyde, toluene and DBP (a.k.a. bad, bad, evil chemicals).

Jackie is holding a Feu de Bois (Firewood) candle by Diptyque, $72. It smells just wonderful, think of cottages and burning wood. All you need is a latte, a warm sweater and a good book :)

Lots of exciting items here! Barbara is showing us a $15 Kiehl's bag (not a typo, $15 really).

Jackie is wearing a $50 suede scarf that also comes in several other colours. She also showed me these lovely beaded scarves on the right. They come in many colours and look best when layered-up. $28!

These magazine bags are definitely chic! Jackie pointed out that they are a great holiday gift, and oh-so-affordable. Get them for $40 each, or go for the $25 mini, or both :)

As she is explaining the whole unisex theme at Holt's popup, Barbara is showing me some of the best-selling items, purchased by both men and women.

On the left we have a $195 Minedrd sequin top. Note that the sequins are matte - just enough reflection for a polished look, you don't have to worry about loking like a disco-ball :)

Pair it up with this soooooft cashmere sweater, yours for only $198. You definitely want to get these for your boyfriend and steal them from time to time.

This MIA suede bag is only $98!
Barbara, you might want to keep it, it goes so well with your outfit.

These Hunter boots don't need an introduction. Dear friends, I wouldn't mind seeing a pair under my Christmas tree :)

Barbara and Jackie, thank you sooooo much for chatting with me and showing me this season's must haves! It's exciting to see that they're also talking about Holt's pop-up in this Vogue article, thank you for being a one-stop fashion-shop for us Torontonians.

Holt's pop-up shop at 560 King St West is open until December 6th. The doors close at 9 tonight. They're open on Friday 12-8, Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6.

So don't be shy, drop by, say hello, treat yourself to a nice Holt Renfrew bag :)


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting and following. I am one of your followers, too :) Pretty cool idea with the truck. Love it

  2. Love the pictures, they're great!
    I have the necklace that's in your header also

    come check me out and follow if you like :)

  3. Ooh! Fun! I've been meaning to make my way down to King St. all week! Work gets in a way of shopping :) Great report!


    One Love,

  5. omg gorgeous pieces, and i'd love one of those nail polishes!! :)


  6. Jealous!


  7. i have always secretly been wanting to splurge on those diptyique candles...but 70 bucks is a whole lot for a candle if you ask me :)

  8. Oooo cool collection of photos! I like your blog :)

    Thanks for your comment too :)

  9. Great shots -- I'm bummed I wasn't able to make the preview; your pics make me want to go shopping though!

  10. There's still time, it's on through Dec 6 :) happy shopping!

  11. I love that suede bag! I might have to pop down to Holts here in Van and pick one up. PS this is amazing. I would crap my pants if I ever got to chirp around with Barbara Atkin. Actually, I would beg for a job working in her PR dept first! hahaha

    xo niki

  12. Amazing post! Thanks so much for the comment on my post!

    Love the exclusive with Barbara Atkin and my gosh, those Hunters are fabulous! Can't wait to catch the tail end of it tomorrow!

  13. Love that photo of Barb putting the hat on Jackie! xo

  14. Hi Dejana, thanks for posting a comment and your link on my blog!

    To all you Shopsterium readers, I also spoke with Barb and Jackie on Friday at the shop. Check out my article and photos on my blog Luxe Lust.


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