Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Holiday Party Dress Revealed


Asymmetrical Metallic Dress


Faux Fur Vest

Patent Wedge Shoes

Ralph Lauren


Sequin Beret

Have you figured out your holiday party outfit yet?
Or are you going to look for a dress while you're finishing up your Christmas shopping this weekend :)


  1. Hi, your outfit looks very smart! Stylish and chic. I think the tights adds loads of sex appeal, great choice!

    About the legs show, I have decided to not make it a contest, but a show, dont want to stir up bad blood amongst my readers.
    I have just changed over to a new laptop and am still transferring files and pictures. I am hoping to get it up and running soon.

    Thanks for following me, I am also following you now, thanks also for dropping a line on my last post. I appreciate all comments I get.
    Hope to see you again soon, have a fabulous weekend.

  2. I forgot to mention, it isnt too late to enter the legs show, I may more than likely be forced to have more than post, so please feel free to send in your pics, there are no conditions....
    I also left out in my last comment, your hair looks fantastic!
    Take care!

  3. You look gorgeous!! I like the vest

  4. I love the dress! you look great!

  5. This looks so great, I have bought some new lovely ones, but haven't decided what I'll be wearing.

    juliet xxx

  6. Beautiful pictures, first of all. Beautiful outfit!! Two thumbs up :)
    I haven't figured out what to wear yet... definitely red tights... but what else :)

  7. hey, thanks so much for your sweet comment. I had great time on my anniversary day, check out photos on my blog:D
    Your blog is so cool, love the outfit. Very glamourous. I haven't figured out yet what to wear, but I was thinking of blue silk dress by H&M.

    xoxo zola

  8. Thanks for your comment;)) Your blog is amazing:)!!!

  9. your hair is absolutely amazing!!! i love your blog!

  10. I think alike! Serena should go with Nate! She's mad not to! I'd go with him :D!

    juliet xxx

  11. I love the outfit! It's amazing! I've been going through your blog and its amazing, I've added it to my blogroll!

  12. yup, & we know that its only gonna get worse!!
    Im trying to locate more Torontonian bloggers, following you now, hope u do the same :-)
    Loove the dress, u look gorgeous!!

  13. love that fur vest. just bought one today myself.

  14. Great look! looove that sparkly beanie :)

    Have a great weekend!


  15. You are surely going to make THE GRAND ENTRANCE with that outfit, Dejana! How sparkly chic!

  16. Gorgeous hair, I like the dress too.
    Haven't figured out my partyoutfit yet!
    X, fashionnerdic

  17. WOW, great outfit.
    I love your dress. :) and the Faux Fur Vest

  18. love ur dress! definitely a great holiday party outfit:D ack, i'm still working on mine. i may have to recycle one from the previous years lol
    Cleaning out my closet:


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